Thursday, 11 December 2014

Today - purely in pictures...(almost)

But first a note: We were asked today if we thought the imminent lecture would be relevant to our own work. It was 'Memory and the Visual in Post Conflict Northern Ireland', I have to say that I have taken something valuable from every single session or lecture, whether or not I deemed it to be it relevant to me, even if it was just a list of possible words I may use in my written stuff.

And here's such a list:
  • transformative reconfiguration
  • valueist
  • tangibility
  • psycho memory
  • skeuomorph
  • baudelarairian 
  • trans - temporal 
  • indexical
  • As a little task for myself I might try and insert all the above into my next presentation to my students :-)
Anyway, here's today...

      My design on the screen
THE whole machine (except for the other computer with the design software). Design on the right is Paula's.

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