Friday, 30 January 2015

Designing for Embroidery?

Most shocking quote of the day...(I nearly fainted),
'You might be doing MA ‘Embroidery’ but that doesn't mean you might not end up with just paintings for example, you may not do ANY embroidery.' WHAT?!!!!

I took a look at my sketchbook this weekend... and then today I talked about it, although I couldn't actually manage to carry it all the way to MMU - snowstorms not withstanding. I was worried that my concept wasn't coming through enough in a focused/obvious way. I know why, and generally it does. But I wanted to take my own advice and get initial ideas out of my head and down on paper (in order to let it later develop and hopefully get more fabulous almost accidentally) so that I could get on with trying to visually communicate (perhaps or maybe not [!] through embroidery), what it is that I am trying to. I may have mentioned it before but so I can practice rolling it off my tongue, it's about; 'the finding/uncovering of objects left behind in a derelict, desolate landscape, that which give a sense of place... it's about the presence of an absence'.
That, is my 'elevator pitch' attempting to get across the inspiration, (aims?) and meaning in as few words as possible. Now I shall attempt to learn it rote fashion and see if it will stick in my brain. (I have just made myself smile by mistyping 'stick in my Brian' - small things)

So...the sketchbookSome things didn't work and others were a lot more difficult to get absolutely looking right than I had expected but I do quite like the results. I have absolutely NO idea how any of it will finally be concluded, if at all.
Anyway it 'doesn't matter yet' said Alex. Good.

We had a group discussion about what our expectations were (before starting) and how we felt/feel about our MA, the course, structure, sessions everything. My mouth spilled forth my innermost, I have ruined the persona I thought I had constructed for myself as an intelligent, confident woman and trashed it. They were all a bit shocked. Except Debra who already knows.

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