Friday, 2 January 2015

Contested Territories: Coastline

A post completely devoted to my Contested Territories module/project as that is what I have mainly been working on this 'holiday', and hopefully soon to be finalised...
I have been organising my research and putting my words into a ledger... I have completed 5 final photographs ( another one of these shown below) that (hopefully) illustrate my line of enquiry as well as working out a textile response. 

I spent a research day last week in County Durham in conversation with Barry, a local historian, and a bloke who used to go Sea-coaling, called Pokey. The photograph below shows what was outside the house. Anyway, I have therefore obtained a sound recording of our 'interview' (more like them talking and me butting in sometimes) which I think would be fabulous played through headphones, next to my exhibits to add a bit of flavour, background and human interest. It was a very interesting experience and I could have sat there for hours, listening to that accent and tales of 'yesterday', the working class man, hardship and survival in austere times. It was very informal with cup of coffees in hand, mobile phone interruptions and I have to say the amount of 'drop in' visitors Barry gets is unbelievable - his door is literally ALWAYS open... and locals do seem to take advantage of that. The recording is quite good considering the amount of people and dogs coming and going. At one point there was 7 people in that living room and 2 dogs.

A pheasant present left for Barry.
Hopefully my next post will be all about THE textile piece and my conclusion! Still a bit of work to do...

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