Monday, 16 November 2015

Seminal Moment Occurring…

Hospital No. 2, Pripyat
 Why was I so struck on producing a 'flat' looking outcome? Just to make my work seem seamless and because it's been noted that my sketchbook work appears very flat, I now think that meant my 'painting' style. I have come to the conclusion that that doesn't mean ALL my work has to have a similar feel/look, I am multi faceted and a multi disciplinarian. 
Anyway, I am happy with the 2D impression my visual studies portray but equally so with a textured, more 3D sample sketchbook. I deal or rather this project is dealing with layers, as it turns out, who's to say that that is even determined yet? It should need never to be determined actually, surely?
Can you tell I've been to a creative writing workshop … a 'free' (not in £££'s) writing workshop. I think it means on some occasions you are allowed to produce 'drivel'.

I've designed something... and then tweaked it and submitted it as a 'beautiful'(?!) scarf to Front Row Society, if it gets through the first bit please be ready to vote...thank you!

Look at this vertically :-)
I made myself cry (a bit) in a tutorial, I think I was so overwhelmed by the passion I felt for my research subject. Talking about it, and just realising and recognising a eureka moment (keep reading - it's further on);  we were discussing the layers within my work, how they might be a timeline of images one transparent layer over another, depth-wise, and my idea of an installation (can't give too much away) and realising it was imperative that I bring both spaces together, the one over there and the one over here, the one from 1986, the one from 2016. I wish I had recorded the conversation, looking back it doesn't seem like an especially intense thing but I suddenly realised I FELT like this was the beginning of my life's work, it feels like this was meant to be my life's work,??? AND I had a brilliant idea borne from only inklings of thoughts that have been simmering and have now come full circle. It can be known as 'site specific' for now.
Silk Thread Stitching
As for my Pecha Kucha presentation, it went ok, one of my video clips was sideways - it didn't matter, just gave everyone a crick in the neck. Feedback was that I should have included more examples of my practical work responses, I knew that as soon as I watched the first students'. I think my work is good too. I am going to do another, an updated one, for fun. And I may subject my students to it again. I had practised it on them, they had more critical feedback for me, maybe I'd successfully ironed that out, I was more aware of the importance of 'silence' at particular points and didn't talk over the 'emotive' Auschwitz slide this time. I would like to do one on only my process and the development of work, it could form the basis of my reflective essay, that I need to start to write, right now. Or maybe I actually won't. 
The afterwards pairing of '3' was very useful.

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