Friday, 14 November 2014

Nothing Doing...

The realisation just hit me. Seven weeks and I've done nothing 'creative' (it feels). Not even mixed a colour. What I have done though is (beat myself up and) some thinking- i.e. tried to conceptualise by osmosis. 
Actually I take that back. I now realise I have not 'done nothing', I have been unconsciously imbibed with new vocabulary, been sucked/enticed into the new way of speaking and thinking (a little), I still can't do it (at all well) but more positively and in response to this realisation, I have come up with these questions I need to ask myself... 
  • Can my work translate to large scale installations? 
  • Do I want it to? 
  • What other applications may my work have?
  • Why do I want to do what I want to do with it?
  • Does my work need a use (other than to look gorgeous !!!)?
And in relation to my theoretical research on my initial inspiration:
'the finding/uncovering of objects left behind in a derelict, desolate landscape, that which gives a sense of ‘place’ and an emotive response to the viewer' (new!)
  • Why are these objects left? Accident or design?
  • What do these objects mean? What did they mean to someone once? What do they mean to the other?
  • Why do some people (me) search them out? How does it make them (me) feel?
  • Why do I want to go to Chernobyl?
So...I have changed the emphasis of the direction of my research (slightly), not sure whether things are becoming clearer; if I am changing things to make more sense or if I am just further muddying the waters? Time will tell, I look forward to seeing if I feel I can keep it next week! But I definitely should stop loitering and take some action.


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