Thursday, 5 March 2015

A question... or 4

digital cross stitch

the reverse


Whole negative space sample

                     More negative space - before ink

Remainders of laser cutting - space
found box - 'memory'
placed collage (not there now!)
I'm at the crisis point of Practice 1: the written element is almost upon us and I think its time I started thinking about it, seriously, and not least because I've belatedly discovered that it happens to be more important than the actual practical work. This MA is actually not (just) about doing a project and some beautiful (!) work;  researching, making visual studies, on through the experimentation and design (and make) process until the culmination of a final collection of 'whatever'. That which I had previously thought I was doing... it's ALL about what is behind that.
I was at this point thinking I would evaluate the digital embroidery I have started investigating. BUT I need to really think about where it's come from and why I am doing it. 
There are other, pressing questions I keep asking myself (because I know I have to) but I still can't answer them. And I need to answer them, in order to write this work - so:

1. What is it I need to find out (through my practice)?

2. How is the theory I have done imbricated in my practice?

3. What makes my work meaningful? and finally the hardest question of all...

4. What is the wider NEED (for my work)? Is there one?!

I may just have to come back to the evaluation of my digital embroidery samples. sigh. Meanwhile, above is some sketchbook stuff... next post will be what it's all about (Alfie).

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