Thursday, 12 March 2015

Peer Presentations...

(and learning outcomes)

I was *lucky* with my group 'No.9'. Me, Jacek, Darryl & Ulysses. I went first, this is an excerpt from my introduction;

'I am a textile and surface designer specialising in fabrics for fashion, embellished surfaces and embroidery, now leaning towards textile art. I want to create work that has meaning and more depth, and as a vehicle for raising awareness of issues for international exhibition.'
Working Title(s):
1.     The Presence of Absence 
2.     The Trace of Heterotopia 
3.     Motherland  

I showed 3 examples of artwork, a flick through this blog and my bibliography to illustrate that I understood and was achieving the learning outcomes (!). It went well, I appeared organised and thorough, it didn't matter that I had done the preparation in order to reduce my nerves and help me remember what I wanted to say! The feedback was very positive for which I am grateful. It was more interesting and exciting for me to see what the others, from different disciplines i.e. photography and graphic design, were working on. Then we had to post one image and 20 words on a Tumblr page. (Have a look!) This is primarily for other (and prospective) students to get an idea of what we, as current MA students are all working on.
After that we had to find a partner who was not in that group or from our discipline to dissect the feedback and rewrite our original presentations. I was with Javier, we didn't really do that, but we did talk about our work and he invited me to be in his magazine about 'Memory', I accepted of course. So I now have a 'collaborator'.

Aside: I am rather disappointed in myself for not taking any photographs of today's activities.

Alice Kettle: Pause (detail)

Then a late lecture about her work by the Alice Kettle who is a research fellow at MMU. Interestingly she said there would possibly be an opportunity to work with her on some unknown future project. I'm up for that! Wow.

P.S. I may have to change over to Wordpress, I'm having trouble with my formatting.


  1. I would love to see the work you presented Claire. Sounds as if it is going really well. Jayne

  2. We were only allowed to show 3-5 images, I used 2 sketchbook pages, 1 referring to negative space , the other illustrating my concept of 'trace' and an embroidery sample, they've all already been on my Facebook page or here on my blog...
    It's going better than I thought it was !
    Thanks Jayne X