Thursday, 19 March 2015


These are some of the prints I did at the weekend... there is one I love as is (for now and not shown). There are 4 that have potential within a collection (of what I'm not sure/worrying about) with more work; i.e. more layers of print, perhaps some overdying and some embroidery. There are also two that are awful and unresolvable. They are all loosely connected to my concept in terms of distressed surfaces, negative space, a 'void', part or age worn objects. 
Trace left by an object
Faded and worn detail
But as I am itching to get started on some design work I am just flinging out initial ideas using 'materials', I'm sure whatever they finally turn into in another 18 months or so will be a million miles away from these samples. In a way it's quite nice not to have a definitive end use in mind but I'll probably get into trouble about that! Since September I have swung from creating haute couture level fashion fabrics (my ambition) to making huge 3D sculptural embroidered light pieces (not my usual thing but a challenge) to producing an installation for exhibition (as that is not commercial so it must be art must it not?!), and this is looking like the beginning of a furnishing fabric collection. My own suggestion to myself is that I aim for a collection of just beautiful fabrics for now and worry about that or see where it goes in about a year.  (That's a must...I MUST think they are beautiful)

Discharge on Indigo, screenprint
I will be writing an essay this week and I must include my intentions (so I had better decide what they are). My journey through the process of reading, research and thinking has led me now to some fairly specific, narrowed down and in depth, conceptual yet vague, ideas of what my 'subject' will be but not necessarily of my practical outcomes.

I think this has got something

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